I am available to speak to multiple different types of audiences

  • National or local TV and Radio audiences
  • corporate groups who want to inspire their employees to perform better by becoming ambassadors of hope for others
  • college students who are looking for a way to find meaning in their lives
  • church groups who want to learn about how to create and sustain mission 
  • local service groups, such as Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Women's Groups, and Charities

Here's what I can speak with your audience about:

  • Creating joy for yourself by helping those less fortunate than you
  • Enhancing your own productivity by instilling hope in others
  • Volunteering in ways that are purposeful for you  
  • 75% of employees who volunteer through work report feeling better about their employer

If you are interested in having me come and talk to your group, simply email me at fathermike@slcsomers.org, and I will respond to your request. 

Media sheet
Speaker Sheet